Floral and Fur




















5 Element Photography

Loft Faux Fur Vest (sold out; was on sale for $15) // Joe Fresh Turtleneck // Banana Republic Trousers- sold out; was on sale for $17 // Jimmy Choo Anouk Pump

Happy snow day for the Northeast (US). I’m having connnectivity issues so no rambling today. I’ll make up for it on Thursday. Stop by again if you want to know how I feel about spiteful people and those who hold grudges… Oh and also if you’re interested in my outfit lol.

-God Bless

What the Bell?













5 Element Photography

Thrifted Brooks Brothers Blazer ($13 I think) // Zara Turtleneck (on sale in stores for $23) // Urban Outfitters Jeans (old; was on sale for $10)- try these // Ralph Lauren Pumps-old

Aunty C went got a weave, boy! For those of you who inquired, this is a full head weave! Interestingly enough, I went to the salon with all intentions on getting a full install with a lace closure. I JUST COULDN’T DO IT. First of all, I took a serious risk by using packaged hair I bought in Philly years ago that I NEVER used. Yes! This is Sensational Premium Human Hair. I also bought the Sensational Goddess Remi 3-part closure. I just wasn’t brave enough to actually risk it. The assistant who was going to bleach my knots and pluck my closure had a very suspicious closure on her own head (side-eye)…I had to make the executive decision then and there to go with the very safe bob cut with bangs. I really like it, just wondering how long this hair ($13.99/pack) will last me, hahahah.

I simply cannot wear an outfit that doesn’t compliment my hair. I just won’t do it. I truly believe your hair completes your look. I’ve seen one too many well dressed women with terrible hair styles that are distracting. If my hair doesn’t look good, I’m not going out. Many times, I’ve gotten my hair done and taken it out the very same day simply because no amount of money spent can change the way I feel about my hair.

I wanted to wear the above look many many months ago but my hair wouldn’t permit. Neither the natural look nor the senaglase twist complimented this outfit. FINALLY, after getting this weave for the first time since October 2013, I was able to pop the tags on these bell bottoms and channel this 1980s look. I wanted to add a modern edge to the picture by tucking my hair in the turtleneck, but the bob cut wasn’t having it.

Probably my favorite look on the blog to date? Didn’t I say that yesterday?

-God bless!

A New Balance


Photography by Soul of Shu

Banana Republic Blazer (old; was on sale for $40; try Asos) // Zara Turtleneck (on sale in stores for $23) // Zara trousers (on sale in stores for $23) // New Balance Sneakers (old; was on sale for $40)

I’ve found a new balance in life. I’m not sure if it was a new year resolution; think it just happened by default.

Anyone that ACTUALLY knows me knows how emotional I am. I can cry on spot, but then feel better in 2.5 seconds. It’s been confused for weakness in the past and suddenly I don’t even care anymore. Maybe I am “weak” to some person’s standard; maybe I’m just emotional. All I know is that I’ve become numb to a lot of Krasinee people in 2015 (Ghanaians understand what I mean).

I forget God a lot. Like a lot. But one thing I started to do was focus on him during times of disappointment. I’m not surprised by people who disappoint me anymore. You’ll should try it: be so consumed with Christ that the actions of mere men won’t phase you.

This is, hands down, my favorite shoot since blogging for reasons other than the outfit or picture quality. Shu, an amazing Australian photographer, captured so many of my emotions in each shot. Sometimes I’m consumed with laughter, sometimes I play too much, a lot of times I give people the side eye (especially on MTA), but most times I’m on the go. Just learning how to be on the go to the right places and things, rather than the countless minutes and hours I waste on leaches, social media, unfulfilling work, and sleeping. I could have posted so many more pics but I was afraid you’d get annoyed.

[I’ll talk about my hair tomorrow…and the milk I drank over the weekend that made my hair flourish into European textures- people at corporate America kill me.]

God Bless!

Blue Cashmere






5 Element Photography

Joe Fresh Cashmere Top (Was on sale for $20) // Zara Skirt (On sale for $30 in stores) // Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps

 Nothing Fits.

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I have to be honest with you; I haven’t been working out or training for my marathon. What I have been doing is conscious eating, really substituting the junk for greens and veggies. Some of my close friends that see me at home in my comfort zone have told me that I lost weight, but I haven’t seen it. However, I am noticing weight gain in my face, hormonal breakouts, and a flabby tummy.

But I made it to the gym this morning before work, can you believe it? After my workout, I decided to step on the scale, and to my surpriseeeeeee I am 140 pounds. Wow! Just two months ago I was 146/147 so it feels good to know that healthy eating made me lose some pounds. [Yes I was almost 150lbs! Very muscular, bottom heavy girl if you haven’t noticed.] I guess losing weight really is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

Still, nothing fits. Quite obvious by the loose fitted top above. I literally just cleared out my wardrobe two weeks ago (Shop my closet on Poshmark), and to think I’ll have to do it again is just sad. Anyway, busy day at work. Stop by tomorrow for a new outfit post.

-God Bless You <3

Despite the Storm




10919039_10205752472831300_4575880647961833636_n5 Element Photography

Ivanka Trump Coat (via TJ Maxx)// H&M Cropped Top- $2.95 // BCBG MaxAzria Skirt // Guess Heels- (now only $30)

Just as the weather tried to prohibit me from shooting, so too, people, things, and places can prohibit you from achieving greatness. Whatever it is, just make sure you’re not your own stumbling block. Exhaust all options before giving up. And when the options are exhausted, don’t fret. Nothing wrong on giving up on something or someone.

-God Bless

Another Year, Another Blessing















5 Element Photography // Makeup by Kayda George

BCBG Dress (sold out) // Jimmy Choo Anouk Pump // H&M Earrings-(old; in stores)// Nordstrom Rack Bracelet-(old)

Last week Tuesday, December 30th, I celebrated my 24th birthday. Wow, I can’t believe I am actually admitting to my real age. May not seem like a big deal but to me it is. My entire life, I’ve always claimed an age other than my own. I claimed to be older to older men and my elders; and I claimed to be younger to perverts. Well this year, I am just me: 24 years old. Not “twenty something.” Not “twenty sexy.” Not “twenty one.” Not “twenty four years young.” Just 24.

I didn’t do much. I brought it in with someone who means more to me than Cheesecake Factory- my godson Amir. I went to work in the morning. Did a little shopping in the evening, then realized I’m not about that life anymore and returned everything. Came home, went to bed.

This post could’ve potentially been an essay about the many lessons I’ve learned throughout the year. The takeaways. The successes. The experiences. And all the other good stories people reflect on during their birthdays. But I decided against it all. I’ll just leave you with a few things I plan to hold dear to me in 2015.

-I am peculiar (weird). I am set apart. I am not of this world. I live in this world.
– If I delight in the Lord, He gives me my heart desires.
– I can do all things in Christ who gives me the strength.
-There are no Jones to keep up with. I keep up with Christ.
– Where my treasures are, there my heart lies.

-God Bless You all! Thanks for the continuous support and love.

Channeling the 70s








5 Element Photography

Ivanka Trump Coat (Cheaper Alternative/Pricier Alternative)
H&M Necklace (available at NYC herald sq location for $9.95)
Urban Outfitters Denim Top ($20 in stores)
Urban Renewal Jeans
Joe Fresh Pumps ($30 on sale)

Happy New Year!

This year I’m going to be more detailed about my outfits. I am the epitome of a bargain shopper, and I want you to be too! So from now on, I’ll be listing the price of my clothes to show you that I can look fashionable on any budget.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

-God Bless!

Top 35 Looks of 2014


fave picIMG_2115




























It's this thing I do....when people stare at me shooting, i stare back. :)

It’s this thing I do….when people stare at me shooting, i stare back. :)




2014 was extremely eventful! I never laughed, smiled, or cried so much in one year! All in all, I’ll forever be grateful for the memories…

From my loved ones including the friends who couldn’t be any more closer than blood…

From my manager lol who has been more than a blessing to my life and my blog. Still amazed at how God blessed me with someone like you! I love you…

From my church home, Honeywell Baptist Church, that enabled me to grow in the Lord and understand what true worship means…

From the overwhelming amount of support I get from all of you who follow my blog…

From Arkeem for being such an amazing part of Just Missed the Runway. Without him, I’d still be taking pics like:


Don’t judge, we thank God for growth hahahaha.

I pray God allows us all to see through the new year! May all your prayers be answered and all your desires be fulfilled!

2015 lets get it!

Merry Christmas Red!









Tahari Suit // Joe Fresh Top // Just Fab Shoes

-Merry Christmas and God Bless!

(Sorry for the low quality pics)

My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist
My birthday is a week from today and since some of you are last minute shoppers, I thought I’d help you decide what to get me!
Just a few reminders:
Shoes size: US 8, UK 6, IT & European 38.5 / 39, [Zara 39]
Tops: US 4 or 6 or Small
Skirts: US 6
Pants: [Don’t bother]
Jeans: I rather you not, but if you insist US 10 / European 30 (yeah I’m packing in the booty dept.)
Coats: Small
-God Bless

Wine Bows & Leather Accents










5 Element Photography

Hat via Burlington Coat Factory- old // H&M Fester Coat (on sale in stores $30) // The Limited Top & Trousers -extra 50%  both items// DVF Pumps- SALE // Ebay Gloves- only $5; comes in diff colors

My birthday is a week from today and all I want is for God to clear my face from the breakouts I’ve been getting for the past 2 months. I don’t get acne so this is just really annoying. I’ve tried homemade face scrubs and drinking a lot water! Nothing seems to work. Any other suggestions?

-God Bless

Zara Sale Probably Starts Tomorrow


















5 Element Photography

H&M Felted Coat (On Sale in Stores) // Joe Fresh Turtleneck- SALE // Zara Skirt- SALE // Zara Heels- Old

I have a feeling Zara Sale Starts tonight at Midnight. I aint new to this people. It typically starts the third Friday in December. Set your alarms!

This Zara skirt isn’t for the faint-hearted. I took a big risk wearing this skirt, as the slit is unbelievably high. Be sure not to wear this on a windy day!! haha.

-God Bless!

The Things We Do for Shoes











5 Element Photography

Forever 21 Boucle Coat- (Similar) // H&M Blouse & Necklace // Urban Outfitters Jeans // Jimmy Choo Anouk Suede Pumps

Okay ya’ll. I’m finally spilling the beans. Because I have a blog, and it’s only right I be completely honest with you about my shoe collection. I’m convinced some of you think I’m Daddy Warbuck’s adopted daughter, sister of Annie. I’m not. I’m broke, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. So here it goes:


There you have it! So all the relatives in Ghana clicking on links trying to understand how I can pay $700 for a pair of shoes, and only send you $100 a month- there’s your answer.

Some fashion bloggers like to portray a lifestyle they’re not really living. Not me. The only reason I kept the secret so long is because I was afraid an influx  amount of people will start shopping at my consignment shops taking all my shoes! (Keep in mind its one of everything!) If you’re thinking, “eww I’m not buying something someone already wore,” get over yourself. Actually, don’t get over yourself. More options for me; less for you!

I’ve gotten some gems from these shops guys! Think: my Monolo Blahniks, Louboutin Astro Girl, Lanvin Pumps, these Jimmy Choos above, my Gucci Bag, and so much more you haven’t seen yet. Like thse Christian Dior flats- (God Bless Raf Simmons!!)

These Jimmy Choo’s aren’t comfortable AT ALL!

consigment shops in NYC:

INA NYC- (best high end designer shoes)

Second Time Around

Beacon’s Closet

Buffalo Exchange- (I sold 1/4 of my closet here when I moved from Philly)

Below is what I was going to say, until I realized that I owe you the truth:

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know at least one thingabout me : I’m always in heels. Now this isn’t some weird joke or front for Just Missed the Runway. I typically can walk for long periods of time in pumps; very uncomfortable ones, at that.


 I’m not sure what demonic possession I was under when I purchased these, knowing in the actual store that I couldn’t bare. But if you knew how long I wanted Anouks, you would understand my irrational and very stupid decision to go ahead with the purchase anyway.

Originally, the Jimmy Choo Anouk was my safe option. I’ve always wanted Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, but I heard they were ridiculously uncomfortable. Knowing the reputation of Jimmy Choo, I thought the Anouk pump (looks just like the So Kate’s) would be a cheaper and more convenient option. Plus, I’m so not here for the CL hype. Its slowly becoming a very basic brand to me.

 These pumps were my birthday gift to myself. I’m furiated by the pain it causes me. I even took it to my shoe cobbler to add a grip on the bottom. Pain hasn’t subsided! Therefore this might just have to be a blog shoe.

…Lets admit it, though. These are some bad shoes!

-God Bless

It’s Always How You Wear It















/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/400/60699749/files/2014/12/img_2019.jpg 5 Element Photography

H&M Felted Coat ($30 in stores)

Forever 21 Turtleneck  ($28 )

Boots (love these) ($40)

Zara Skirt ($30 in stores)

Lovely Wholesale Bag  ($30 incl. shipping; currently 20%)

Thrifted Kangol Hat (purchased with many other items for $20)

I often get questioned about where I shop. Probably the hardest question to answer because the answer is always everywhere. Rarely do I plan a shopping date. Most of my purchases are spontaneous and happen because I’m passing by a store. It’s difficult for me to shop online; nothing better than feeling and trying on pieces to ensure the fit is appropriate. BUT, what online shopping is good for is comparing prices! When I shop at boutiques (which I have been doing recently) I ALWAYS google an article of clothing  or shoes of interest, first! If I can find a cheaper alternative or an online site that sells it for less, I purchase online. Get in the habit of doing that!

This entire look came from “cheap trendy stores.” You know, the H&M’s and Zara’s of the world. I wore this look, with a few additions here and there, to work and people were surprised to find my top and boots were from Forever 21! [Side note: Forever 21 has blown us all away by the quality of their clothing!] I now consider the store on the same quality level as Zara.

Okay- these boots were purchased like 2 years ago. I never wear them because I hate the cheap looking platform and the way they fall down if I’m not wearing it with jeans. Nonetheless, Over-the-knee (OTK) boots are in trend, so I brought them out for you!

Remember, it’s never what you wear! Always how you wear it!

-God Bless

Getting Ready for the Holidays


[I was going to post every Tuesday & Thursday but its December! Let me bless you :) ]








5 Element Photography

Target Tailored Vest // Urban Outfitters Renewal Program Shirt (Similar) // Forever 21 Sequined Joggers  (Try This) // Giuseppe Zanotti Design Metallic Pumps // H&M earrings

This is my favorite time of the year. I wholeheartedly enjoy listening to Christmas songs in the car and seeing pretty lights everywhere in the city. I really enjoy all the awesome sales too! But most importantly, I use this time of the year to reflect, show gratitude to loved ones, celebrate life, and prepare for next year’s goals.

Around this time, every year, without failure, I have a mental hair breakdown. I’d have so many birthday hair style ideas, but I always seem to be left disappointed in the end…

That’s why I decided to do test crochet braids earlier this month. Long story short: failed.



I was left with this fro on my head; which literally only comes out to play on the weekends. During the week, its wash and go! Believe it or not, I achieved this look using the african threading technique. YouTube it.

Sequins are always a good idea for this time of the year. These joggers were a recent purchase from Forever 21. I decided to go for a semi-androgynous look by pairing it with a modern-style tuxedo button down and a tuxedo vest. I thought about wearing my Tory Burch sequined pumps [side note: I came a mighty long way, huh?], but last minute opted for these Giuseppe’s- which btw are back in stores!

-God Bless!


Get a Her a Cape for Christmas!


$45 Forever 21 Cape // $33 Forever 21 Cape // $39 H&M Cape // $210 Ann Taylor Cape // $75 H&M Cape //$63 H&M Cape // $135 Ann Taylor Cape -Add’l 40% off // $149 BCBG Cape // $68 Nasty Gal Cape

For those of us who are getting a late start, to Christmas shopping, above are a few capes that I’ve found! Capes are on major trend this season, so they’ll serve as great gifts for the women in your life! What I love about a cape is that they are timeless pieces, unbiased to age. Whether you’re 21 or 81, completing a look with a cape will add just the right finishing touches to an outfit!

-God Bless!

I Should Seriously Do Something to My Hair












5 Element Photography

Dress: Custom Made // Leather Pants from Dor L’ Dor // Valentino Rockstud Pumps

I have no desire to do anything this week. Not sure if it’s becuase Thanksgiving was last week or because I’m just tired. The more I think about doing my hair, the more tired I feel. My birthday is quickly approaching and I want to look like I put effort in my appearance hahahah. Any suggestions on what to do to my hair?




As you can see, I prefer shorter hair- bobs, shoulder length, etc. Let me know which styles you think will fit me! I want a protective style and one that is very little maintenance. I wake up at 5 am everyday for work. Not waking up any earlier to do my hair lol. Also, comment on any stylists in NYC that can help me achieve any of the above styles!

-God Bless!

Mixed Prints






5 Element Photography

Ralph Lauren Top // Skirt Made in Ghana // Valentino Rockstud

This look was inspired by the Stella Jean collection that I’ve been following for quite some time.

I’m a big fan of Stella Jean. However, the prices… man.

-God Bless

Thanksgiving Style












5 Element Photography

H&M Oversized Wool Coat // Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Dress // Alice & Olivia Stacey Wink Pumps

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day to be with loved ones so I won’t take too much of your time…

White makes me feel festive so I decided to finally wear this Crepe Wrap Dress and complete the look with A&O Stacey Wink heels but aka beau.

-God Bless and enjoy the holidays!

George Taught Me














5 Element Photography

Thrifted Cape // Target Denim Shirt // H&M Distressed Jeans (on SALE now) // Zara Heels (Old) // Floppy Hat via Marshall’s (love this)// Michele Watch

Reminiscing on the days George (my mother) used to make me wear tweed skirt suits to Picture Day in grade school. I literally could not stand her for ruining my childhood. Just think: A 9 year old in a Jackie O. skirt suit amid other 9 year olds wearing the latest FUBU, Mecca, and Pepe. I dreaded the 2 hour public transportation ride to the boutique in Queens where George would get all my $90+ suits. Why should we bypass every V.I.M. and Jimmy Jazz that carried all the hood apparel for less than $90, and continue on our journey to some stupid borough that didn’t even have more than 2 train stations going through it. Life wasn’t fair for me growing up; and George was more concerned about the 3 points missing from my 97 Spelling test grade. Such is life…

In retrospect, I can clearly see where this passion for wool and tweed initiated. You see, I hadn’t realized at the time, but George was introducing me to class & style from an early age. Even if it came at the expense of really important money lessons…What rapidly growing child needs a $90 suit?

(This all may seem very confusing to you if you’re not from NYC. It’s not your fault you’re not from the best city in the world :) )

-God Bless!