What I Wore to Work: A NYer’s Uniform



Happy Friday. Every friday is Jeans day in my office. Many NYers are known for wearing all black in the winter and I’m not exempt. Today, I wore my Zara jeans with my Zara top picked up on SALE and this Forever 21 cardigan that was about $13. The boots are the Me Too Latrice Boots that I wear almost everyday 🙂

Quick Announcements!

1. I finally received my Macbook adapter in the mail! If you didn’t read my prior posts, I mistakenly vacuumed my old adapter so my Macbook has been dead for weeks!

2. I will be uploading a ‘Items Under $20’ shopping haul video AND skin care routine video (requested) this weekend!

3. I am going to finally  film my fitness videos this weekend!

4. My social media sites are officially up and running! Instagram- @AuntyChristina // Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/JustMissedtheRunway  I’m afraid to getback on Twitter after about 2 years. My mouth is reckless and I hate accountability 🙁

-Be Blessed

What I Wore to Work on Ghana Independence Day!



Happy 57th Independence to allll my Ghanaians!!!!! I can daydream all day about the being on Labodi Beach having pineapples but that wouldn’t change the reality of the situation: the only water I’m around is the Hudson River. Hey at least it overlooks the midtown & downtown skylines of NYC. Today I wore this beautiful H&M jacket with a leather peplum and a black skirt. These Me Too boots have been featured on the blog in the past but they are actually a new pair that I just ordered from Amazon. Yes. That’s how much I love them!M necklace is from Primark. Sorry Americans. We haven’t been blessed with Primark….yet.

Today at work, I was told “You always look so beautiful. Do you go on dates after work?” She doesn’t even realize the impact of her statement. I haven’t really been myself this week but her statment reassured me that I should really let go of negativiity and appreciate how beautiful I am! Please compliment someone and uplift their spirits today! You never know the impact it might have.

-Be blessed.

What I Wore to Work: the Suit



Suit: Banana Republic // Blouse: Talbots // Shoes: Lanvin

Just getting my last wears on this suit before the weather breaks… If it ever does break. In lieu of the Banana Republic Family & Friends discount that I just received from a friend, I decided to wear the suit I got for 50% off last year.  This time around, I paired this tartan or plaid suit with an orange Talbots blouse just to play on the color blocking trend. And it couldn’t be a work outfit, if I wasn’t wearing a pair of shoes that resides overnight in my cubicle lol.

Stay tuned for TWO shopping haul videos that will be uploaded this week!

-Be blessed

What I Wore to Work: Horizontal Stripes


Blazer: TopShop // Shirt & Pearls: J. Crew // Skirt: Zara (Sold out online but still in stores) // Shoes: Lanvin (Same but different shoe here)
Good Morning! I just want to say thank you to all the people who follow, like, look and/or comment on my blog. Even though it’s only been a few months since the launch, I see a great change in my life. I’m more daring and conscious of what I wear and just the continuing support gives me so much confidence. I know bloggers do Giveaways after receiving 500+ followers, but I’m so ready to honor you all now. It’s not much but it comes from the heart and I think it’s far more rewarding than material things:


Every morning, I get in the office about 30 min early and have breakfast. My breakfast consists of a banana almond smoothie and/or a bowl of fruit with coffee. Then I read my post-its which contain scriptures or powerful statements that serve as encouragement. My coffee mug reads “LAUGH- Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire. -Psalm 37:4.” And that’s my gift to you today! Enjoy life, laugh and take delight in the Lord!

– Be blessed.

What I Wore to Work: Polka Dots


Good Morning. Today I wanted to be a little bold and “tip on the tightrope” by wearing polka dots to work. I’m wearing this Joe Fresh Denim jacket over a Loft Peplum Blouse and Loft pleaded skirt. Don’t ever be afraid to mix and match different size polka dots or prints. My shoes are Lanvin.

Stay tuned for my $100 Budget Shopping Haul video which will be uploaded this week.

-Be blessed.