#JustMissedtheRunway- Igee Okafor

Leading off the new weekly segment on my blog titled #JustMissedtheRunway, I introduce to you Igee Okafor:


I came across Igee’s blog surfing the web and I was immediately blown away by the layout of his blog and quality of his pictures. Fairly new to the blogging world, Igee by far, surpasses most of the seasoned fashion bloggers. His keen eye for details and tailoring really brings the wow factor into his blog www.igeeokafor.com.




Now as a female fashion blogger, I have to admit I know very little about menswear. But all that I do know can certainly be attributed to fashion bloggers like Igee. I was able to ask him a few questions about his personal style:

Aunty: How would you describe your style?

Igee: I describe my style as clean and sharp. It’s appealing, it’s fun, it’s relatable. I like to keep things uncomplicated. Although I go out of my way to experiment with different looks sometimes, I always make sure that there is a balance.

Aunty: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Igee: I do not really have favorite places per say, I usually just go wherever the wind blows as it pertains to what exactly I am shopping for. I enjoy shopping at various places for different things and I mostly look out for quality and versatile pieces. For essential pieces, I’m very comfortable at stores like H&M, Topman and, ASOS. For detail, I own pieces from Cinzia Rocca, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and more.




We could all use a few pointers from this young fashionisto. Do we think Igee #JustMissedtheRunway ??

For more, check out Igee’s blog, Instagram, and Twitter!
Stay tuned for next week’s features on those who #JustMissedtheRunway

-Be Blessed!

In the Jungle

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IMG_8842_CR2 IMG_8838_CR2 IMG_8839_CR2  IMG_8844_CR2IMG_8827_CR2

Andre H Photography

Ranna Gill via Anthropologie Dress (Sold Out) // Valentino Rockstud Shoes// Ray-ban Wayfarer Sunnies // Earrings from Ghana (These are on my wishlist)

As a Ghanaian American, I’m naturally drawn to vibrant colors and prints. When I tried on this dress a few months ago, I knew it would become a favorite. This dress is a testimony of how you too can be noticed without revealing much of anything. I try to cover my body as much as possible without looking like a granny. I think I was successful with this number!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be posting weekend sales shortly.

-Be blessed!


IMG_8565IMG_8575 copyIMG_8596IMG_8599 IMG_8575 copy IMG_8596 IMG_8598 IMG_8599IMG_8569IMG_8604_CR2IMG_8592IMG_8575IMG_8577IMG_8580

Andre H Photography

Top (Short Sleeve Version) & Skirt // Valentino Rockstud Heels // Aldo Sunnies (Love These) // Michele Watch

I first saw this look on Ciara and knew I had to recreate it!

I bought these two items months ago. Just waited until the weather broke before wearing it. The skirt runs small so when ordering, go one size up. Also STORE IT IN A GARMENT BAG! I found the skirt in my closet with subtle black stains and I don’t know how to get it out! Help anyone?

-Be blessed!

Shopping the Smart Way

IMG_8809 IMG_8812 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8817 IMG_8820

H&M Leather Jacket- Old (Try this) // Urban Outfitters Top (Love THIS ON SALE)// Thrifted Skirt (LOVE THIS ON SALE)// Valentino Shoes (Here’s a Dupe)// Ray- ban Wayfarers (Save your money)

During my blogging hiatus, I did alot of planning and organizing for the future of my blog. I will be starting a few series, one including giving you weekly tips on how to shop on a tight budget and how to catch all the sales people often miss.

I, quite often, get asked where and how I purchase “all these clothes on my blog.” Yes, I am addicted to retail, but I hardly EVER buy anything for retail price. So today marks the first day I let you in on my little style secret! Thank me later!

1. The sunnies: Although these were a gift, my first pair of Raybans were purchased for $40 on eBay. With a little patience and bidding power, you can buy anything off eBay for a fraction of the price.

2. The leather jacket: I bought this jacket over 6 years ago for $50 at H&M. I have a similar H&M one in black that I purchased for $20 just last year. H&M, quite often, does flash sales where they will mark all leather jackets for $19.99 for a limited time only. If you’re looking for a leather jacket, stop in H&M any chance you get, you might get lucky.

3. The shirt: If you recall, I lost my $2 Joe Fresh striped shirt somehow so I had to buy another one. I got this one from Urban Outfitters for $10. FYI, anytime you enter an UO, GO STRAIGHT TO THEIR SALE ROOM. (They always have one and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be so satisfied you won’t have to loook at their regular priced merchandise.)

4. The skirt:  It’s 2014, if you don’t know about thrifting then you don’t live in America. I bought this skirt at Salvation Army for like $3 or $6. I don’t really remember but what I do remember is that EVERY WEDNESDAY IS 50% of everything at Salvation Army. No need to be bourgeouis. All you need is a washer machine or dry cleaners.

5. The shoes: I think shoes are the only thing I can justfiy buying for original price. If I want them, I’ll find a way to get them. I don’t care how many zeros are on the end of the price tag. I wanted these Valentinos for over a year before actually purchasing them. The truth is, I couldn’t afford another thousand dollar shoe so I waited patiently for a sale somewhere in the universe. Saks Fifth Avenue had the pink ones on sale for less than $700. WHEN I TELL YOU I LITERALLY FELL OFF MY OFFICE CHAIR! I made the purchase so quickly! Only to find out the following day that my order was cancelled because of low inventory. I was soooooo angry. I stomped all the way to Saks Fifth Avenue after work to try and find the sale on the floor. Of course I didn’t find it but because I established in my mind that I was a Valentino Rockstud owner, I had to appease myself by buying these for original price. I simply could not go home empty handed. So yes, $300+ extra and I had the Rockstuds.

But you know something, a few months later, Rue La La had them on sale for $850. Just my luck.

The moral of the story is have a little patience, do a little research, and you too can be fly on E. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on sales and shopping secrets.

-Be blessed!