Just Missed the Runway

It's this thing I do....when people stare at me shooting, i stare back. :)

It’s this thing I do….when people stare at me shooting, i stare back. 🙂

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Dress: SheInside // Head Wrap: Kente Cloth // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Kate Spade NY //

Today’s sermon was centered around Purpose and why it’s so important to know and understand yours in life. Should you be interested in a copy, email me at AuntieChristieBlogs@gmail.com.

[Let me just say this really quickly since so many people have been asking me. SheInside runs REALLY weird. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND only purchasing things with reviews. This dress is a medium and the under arms are cut really high.]

So when I initially discovered SheInside, I saw this dress here and went super crazy. I remembered seeing the same dress at Dolce & Gabanna’s Spring ’13 show. Now, I’m not a fan of knock-off anything. I think the saying “Fake it til You Make It” is absurd. However, I may enjoy dupes here and there….and this D&G dupe was just it for me… I mean really, don’t you think it’s so appropriate for my blog name?


This head wrap here is about a yard or 2 of traditional Kente cloth from Ghana. We spoke about Kente here in case you missed it.The shoes I scored these for 13 pounds at London’s Heathrow Airport (I believe this is the cheapest Zara in London…maybe even in Europe.) (I actually almost missed my flight back to the states shopping in Zara. They closed the gate on me and everything. Terrible.) My bag is an old Kate Spade bag and the necklace….well, I have no idea how it appeared in my jewelry box, but it worked.

Be blessed! Enjoy your week ahead!

All that Glitters is Gold

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The look I give when people ask “Aunty why are you overdressed?”IMG_1577 IMG_1580Dress: She Inside  // Blazer: Thrifted // Shoes: Tory Burch (old) // Bag: Forever 21

 Saw this dress on my girlfriend and photographer, Isabella, and I was really loving it. Well she bought me one & surprised me with it so I decided to wear it today with my fave Tory Burch heels- really comfy. I paired the outfit with this bold oversized blazer I scored from the Salvation Army and my Forever 21 bag. Enjoy your weekend!

– Be blessed!

iPhone Files: Weekend Recap













1: The babies I saw in Marshalls that Isabella didn’t let me buy because I have a shopping addiction. *Cries* // 2: At my lovely friend’s bridal shower! How cute is her Apron? // 3: Bridal Shower Games: The dress I helped make from toilet paper. Of course this design won! // 4: My friend’s dope work lab. So much inspiration. Stay tuned for his designer label! // 5: In Philly at the crappy Wyndham Hotel brightening up the place. // 6: …Again. But who do we think we are? // 7: Swag Check. // 8: The rain was really in the way. I couldn’t even shoot. // 9: Driving back to NYC // 10: I scored these for $15 at Urban Outfitters // 11: Realest. // 12: Is she dead? LOL

Howdie!! It’s been way too long. From starting school to being incapacitated by the rain, then a little sickness… Excuses. I’m sorry. I have  videos coming up though! 🙂 And I also plan to shoot sometime this weekend so this should be the last week of my hiatus. Follow me on Instagram for more pics @AuntyChristina. Love to All!

-Be blessed & enjoy your week!

X Marks the Spot

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Jacket: H&M (Old) // Dress: Joe Fresh // Shoes: Coach // Earrings: Philly Vendor // Watch: SKagen

Happy Sunday! Today’s sermon was solely focused on courtships and marriage. Should anyone be interested in the sermon, email me at AuntieChristieBlogs@gmail.com and I’ll purchase it for you and ship it to your place! (That’s how awesome it was.)

Today I wore one of my steals from Joe Fresh. I’m starting to focus on details and what drew me to this dress was the bold color-blocking and the turtleneck portion of the dress. Also, I love the fact that the back  does not have the checker boxes. I paired the dress with these super comfortable heels from Coach, which has become one of my favorite designers as of late. They have really refreshened their bag and shoe designs and I’m so happy about it.

This evening it’s all about organizing and re-focusing my efforts on things that are important. I’m going to start a strict workout regimen, eating healthy, and praying more than I do now.
What are some of your goals for this week? Comment below!

-Be blessed!