Sunday’s Best: Color Blocking

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blog photo x2 blog photo x3IMG_0317Shirt & Skirt: Zara (On sale Here) // Shoes: Giuseppi Zanotti (Here) // Coat: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (Similar Here) // Bag: Louis Vuitton // Glasses: Ray Ban ( New Style Found Here) // Bangles: H&M // Lip: Candy Yum Yum Lipstick, lined with Mac Current Liner

Happy Sunday! Here’s my takeaway from today’s sermon: “How much is your life worth?” The story of Joseph being sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver (found in Genesis in the Bible) can bring much revelation to your life. Although his brothers sold him for 20 pieces of silver, God had a different plan for his life. Had he not been sold, he wouldn’t have been 2nd-in-command in Egypt. I challenge you today to dig deep into that uncomfortable situation you may be in. No more complaining! Do you know how much your life is worth? Whether you believe it or not, your life has been redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus! God will surely bring the beauty out of your uncomfortable situation. Just have faith!

So one month into Zara’s semi-annual sale & they’re still marking down items! I purchased this striped skirt on Black Friday but couldn’t seem to figure out how I wanted to style it. Well, thanks to Skinny Hipster, I went & purchased this top from Zara yesterday, which was also on SALE! I paired it with one of my favorite shoes at the moment- these gold Giuseppe pumps. The beauty about metallic pumps is that they go with pretty much everything- a true staple piece. They make basic outfits look spectacular. Seeing as though this is my first time wearing these shoes, they were extremely uncomfortable, as they weren’t broken into yet. But who cares when you have on Giuseppes! 😉

Hi! I’m Christina


Sunglasses: The Loft // Wool Poncho: Thrifted // Earrings: H&M

Hi Guys! So I thought it would be a good idea to officially introduce myself on my blog! My name is Christina.  It wasn’t until a major recent event in my life (moving back to NYC from Philadelphia after almost 6 dreadful but significant years) that I gained inspiration to start revealing my passion for fashion on online content. I get my inspiration from an array of bloggers, magazines, runway shows, and political/ entertainment figures. I spend more than enough time reading my favorite blogs and researching new trends.

What will be featured on my blog? Um mainly outfits from my closet(s). If I can find the piece or something similar online, I’ll be sure to link it. Otherwise, post a comment or email me and I’ll give you exact details. I’ll also be sharing with you both my spiritual & healthy living journey, so stay tuned for that.

Who will be featured on my blog? Me! & snapshots of my life.

How often will I display content? My goal is NO LESS than 2x a week. If more, great! If less, shame on me!

Questions/ Suggestions? Comment below! Email me-

Camo in Times Square

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Jacket: Forever 21 (HERE )// Shirt: H&M (Here)// Jeans: Forever 21// Clutch: Forever 21// Heels: Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

I really wanted to get some experience taking photos in public and seeing as though it was 11:30 pm, I figured Times Square would be the perfect location for night-time lighting! Fortunate for me, it was beautiful outside & the rain just ceased. These photos were taking in the subway on 42nd & 7th ave and outside in from of H&M.

Stay blessed!

Sunday’s Best: Dress like Royalty, Feel like Royalty

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Suit (Blazer & Skirt): Anne Klein// Blouse: Bebe (Similar, super cute one Here)// Shoes: Zara (On SALE now Here) // Poncho: Vintage// Bag: Coach //  Watch: Michele (Here)

So- This suit, believe it or not, ran me about $18 at Burlington Coat Factory. Who knew? Auntie Did. & now so do you! Thank me later.This may not hold true for every BCF but I’ll tell you this little secret- the one in Center City, Philadelphia (11th & Market Streets) surely has great deals. That day I think I paid $75 on 4 suits (Anne Klein, Calvin Klein & Tahari). Oh & this poncho was $22 from Buffalo Exchange Consignment!

Be blessed!

Never Liked the Phrase “Jordan Year”

Photos taken from

Photos taken from

fred ny and mejanelle and me bonnie and clydejohnny n mematt mel darcel monolony and jesstessawife and creasebday dinner1Dress: SheInside (on SALE now, Here)// Shoes: Monolo Blahnik (Here)

So today is my birthday! This was actually the first year in quite some time that I celebrated my birthday/holiday season in the United States! I usually take the opportunity to travel to Europe or Ghana. Since I have family in both places, I don’t usually spend money besides airfare…and shopping lol However, due to the fact that I got a new job, I wasn’t allowed to travel or use any of my Holidays until after my 3-month probabtion. That was really bummer because I made plans from the prior year to travel back to London. 🙁

Anyway, I celebrated by having a dinner party of about 21 loved ones at Qi Bangkok Eatery located on 8 ave between 42nd & 43rd streets in NYC. I chose this particular restaurant because of the set up and great cuisine. I frequent this restaurant and, I must say, service is impeccable. It is Thai cuisine -among my faves, and the waiters/waitresses are all quite young and trendy in their all-black apparel (Of course I noticed! 😉 ) If you’re from NYC or ever in the area, I highly recommend this extremely affordable eatery. Dinner for 2 won’t cost you more than $40- great for first dates! If you’re looking to have a dinner party at Qi, they require you to choose from 2 pre-fix/family-style menus ($30-$40/ per person). I think that’s pretty reasonable compared to other noteworthy Asian restaurants: ex. Mr. Chow’s which requires $75/per person pre-fix menu.

My outfit– was decided literally hours before the dinner. I bought my Manolo’s a few months back with plans to preserve them for my wedding day. But then I thought, “Christina, what if they can’t fit you on your wedding day? Or better yet, what if you fall in love with another pair of shoes for your wedding day?” ….Well, that’s how I got to wearing “Something blue” on my birthday.

I purchased two outfits becuase I am extremely indecisive. The second outfit (See pics below) is more polished than the outfit I opted for. I would’ve paired them with Giuseppe Zanotti’s below….Anyway, the outfit has not gone to waste. It will be featured on my blog soon when I get around to wearing it!

bday dress


Thanks for stopping by! Be blessed- I mean that!