What I Wore to Work: Dark Denim



Happy Friday! Not in my case- evident from my eyebrows and puffy eyes, but God is still good. My company allows us to wear jeans on Fridays. Not necesarrily a dress down day so I still like to keep it casual. Heading into the office, I wore my old H&M straight jacket with these camouflaged boots that I bought for $5 at Five Below. It was a few years ago when camou debuted as the staple trend. Check these cute Camou boots out. The Banana Republic bag isn’t new on the blog, it first appeared here. At work, I wore this old Talbots Silk Turtlneck Shirt with my very old TopShop Crochet Cardigan. I actually purchased this the first year TopShop launched its NYC store. GROUNDBREAKING! These jeans are from Old Navy. Dark denim worn the appropriate way makes most outfits look polished. I tend to shy away from any light washed, distressed, boyfriend jeans for work simply because, in my opinion, it violates the unwritten corporate dress code. Since this limits my options, these Old Navy Jeans pretty much gets recycled every Friday. I should probably invest in some better quality dark denim skinnys. Mmm, probably not. The shoes are Christian Louboutin. Also many years old. Here’s a modern, similar one. Anyway, if you’re in NYC area, enjoy the 52 degrees we’re getting today, plus rain!!!

(Sorry everything I’m wearing is old therefore couldn’t find links for ya!)

-Be Blessed!

What I Wore to Work: Anne Klein/ Nine West Suit


I always go for a business professional look when meeting with clients. In one of my Sunday’s Best post, I filled you in on my BCF secret. Well, here’s another steal from Burlington Coat Factory. The white collared shirt is from H&M. The boots are the Me Too Latrice Boots. The watch is Skagen and the ring is H&M. The suit is Anne Klein, or Nine West, or both lol. I actually picked up this suit because it was only $25 and I wholeheartedly believed it was a pair. It wasn’t until I got to the register that the cashier informed me that it was a mismatch. Yes! The jacket is Nine West (mmhmm they make clothes, not only shoes) and the skirt is Anne Klein. In the fitting room, I realized the suit was 2 different sizes but completely missed the fact that they were also 2 different labels (and shades of grey if you look close enough but I digress…) The blazer is a 6 petite–> which is perfect and the skirt is a size 2–> which was perfect during my middle school years! To no avail, I decided to try it on anyway, because let’s face it, casual wear has sizing issues. Example: there’s probably a 4 size difference between an H&M size 2 and an Anne Klein size 2. Just like there’s a significant difference between a Zara shoe size 39 and a Christian Louboutin shoe size 39. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Well, the suit fit- a little tighter than a glove. Case in point: see how the skirt wrinkles at the top? Signs I need to stop eating fried chicken from Richie Rich Caribbean Restaurant. But who cares for a little tightness when your designer suit is 25 dollaassss?

I also had to change my ‘Sunday Funday’ Essie nail polish to a ‘Wet Cement’ Wet & Wild Polish. I don’t want my nails to be the center of attention at a meeting, it’ll distract people from my hair, or lack thereof. Haha. Hope ya didn’t miss that one!

sunday fundaywet n wild









Anyway,  get to a Burlington Coat Factory near you. If you lack patience, find it. You’ll need it to search for gems at this store.

Be blessed!

What I Wore To Work: Baby Pink Shift Dress



So, I got an idea to start posting my work OOTDs. This allows me to share my unfiltered, unprofessional, selfies of what I wear to work. Hopefully it gives some of you ideas on how to be fashionably corporate apporpriate (Does that even make sense?) Because, as you may know, there are written and unwritten dress codes in the corporate world.

NYC is a whooping 45 degrees Celsius today! Perfect day to wear my Talbots silk “Jackie O” dress, as I like to call it. I feel like someone’s first lady in this dress. The attached collar gives it just the right detail and the color is as flattering as the dress itself. I found some on Ebay at a discounted price for you! Now since its 45 and not 70, I had to pair it with my Me Too Leather Latrice Boots that someone purchased for me on Amazon. If you have big legs/ calves, you’ll love these boots as the back is an elastic material. I came in the office with my Loft Faux Fur Collar Vest & Wool Coat. However,  after deep thought decided the fur violated the unwritten dress code and swapped it for this TopShop Navy Blazer I keep at the office. Unfortunately I couldn’t swap the garbage can out lol. Navy Blazers make everything look professional. I bought it over a year ago in London on Sale so I doubt it’s still available. Here’s a similar one  and a pic of the excitement in London back in 2012:


Be blessed!

Sunday’s Best: Stripes & Flares


Blouse: Polo by Ralph Lauren // Skirt: Peter Pilotto x Target // Bag: Just Fab // Shoes: Zara

It’s been awhile. The snow has incapacitated most NYers, including me. On top of it, I haven’t been able to take pics after work because its dark AND my weekends have been but a blurr. Oh but it gets better, I mistakenly vacuumed my macbook charger so I currently have 60% left to upload this post. This past Sunday, I wore this Ralph Lauren bow buttoned up with my Peter Pilotto for Target flared skirt. These Zara shoes were first seen in Plaid suit post. Looove them! My bag is from Just Fab Boutique. So chic and cheap! Great for those who love the LV bag but hate the price tag.

Also, I have been in deep thought about revamping my blog. I’m not sure I’m content with the path its taking. Stay tuned!

-Be blessed & Highly Favored.

Natural Hair Routine…For Now

hair products

If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to do your hair (or lack thereof) as much as you want to, then you might enjoy this post. I decided to do a protein treatment and deep condition, as my hair has been really dry lately. Here’s how I treated and styled my TWA (teeny weeny afro) on my day off:
1. I shampooed with Aveda’s Dry Remedy Line. I usually shampoo my hair in the shower once a month. Shampoo dries out your hair so I only use it when I need to. I usually co-wash (clean my hair with conditioner) with Giovanni Wellness System Conditioner every other day while in the shower. What I noticed is that, since my big chop, I have been delicately shampooing my hair, using my fingertips. As opposed to my relaxer days, when I literally scrubbed my scalp with my fingernails until it bled. SMH.
2. I used APHogee’s 2nd Step protein treatment all over my hair, ensuring both my scalp and hair was saturated. I used a wide tooth comb and gently combed it through my hair. Warning: this products has a stinky odor!
3. Uncovered, I sat under a hot dryer for about 7 minutes, or until my hair was extremely hard. (This is normal with the protein treatment. Don’t be alarmed and don’t touch your hair)… I took this time to reply to work emails.
4. I thoroughly rinsed out the treatment.
5. I used my Pantene Natural Deep Conditioner and combed it through my hair. Then covered my hair with a plastic cap.

pantene pouring


condition under dryer

6. I went under the dryer AGAIN for 15min. This time, I did some research on my personal laptop.
7. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and applied the following products in order:
•Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner
•Olive Oil Moisturizer
•Olive Oil
•Jamaican Black Castor Oil
8. Tada! Finished!
If you want more of my daily routines, please comment below!
Be blessed and highly favored.
-Auntie Christie