One Year Anniversay

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H&M Oversized Coat & Cropped Top (Sold out) // Zara Skirt // Valentino Rockstud Heels // Aldo Clutch (Old)

Today marks my one year anniversary at my firm. For many of you who do not know, I work in Reinsurance for a VERY large corporation. I moved from Philadelphia (although I’ve been a New Yorker from birth) last year October 27, 2013 and started at my firm October 28, 2014. Yeah- no days off.

Anniversaries are extremely important to me. Not that I tend to get lost in the celebratory aspects of these milestones; but for me, it’s a time to reflect and mark the progress and growth. And boyyyy have I grown.

Not so much professionally, but more so spiritually and emotionally. In the past year, I have suffered more than I thought
I’d ever suffer. I’ve experienced heart breaks, deaths, and physical ailments. But through it ALL, God sustained me. Where would I be if it wasn’t for His grace and mercy.

Man, short answer= dead. And that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I would be flat out 6 feet under, soul waiting impatiently for the final judgment.

I’ve learned the power of shifting energy. Things that bothered me in the past, no longer take precedence over what’s truly important. I’m no longer concerned with the path my life takes. After all, I’m not the author of my life so why should I worry myself on how it turns out?

That’s all for now…

-Be blessed…

#JustMissedtheRunway- Danielle Smith

So we missed an opportunity to feature 2 people in the last 2 weeks but we’re making up for it with this fly petite beauty! Meet Dannie Smith aka @5FootDiva:


I stumbled across Dannie on IG and I was so impressed (which doesn’t happen often). I love how she dresses for her frame!






I got the chance to ask Ms. Danielle a few questions:

Aunty: How would you describe your style?

Danielle: I would describe my style as flirty, very feminine, unique, and Fun!!! One of my favorite things to do is mix prints, colors, and patterns! –Great eye!!😉
Aunty: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Danielle: Some of my most favorite places to shop would have to be BCBG Max Azria, Club Monaco, and Maje.
Aunty: One fashion tip to the readers? 
Danielle: One tip for the readers would have to be don’t take styling yourself so serious. Be a risk taker and enjoy what works best for you!! Most of all, have fun!!!
I’m gonna check out Maje. Thanks Dannie! If you’d like to see more, visit her Instagram page at @5FootDiva
-Be Blessed

My New Favorite Shirt










5 Element Photography
Zara Jacket // J. Crew Endless Top (Now 25% off-Lucky You!)// H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans // Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps// Aldo Bag – Sold Out

Oversized button downs are a big win for me. Considering my petite frame (length wise, that is) and my long time troubles with jeans/trousers, the oversized button- up/down trend stole my heart. To be quite honest, before blogging, I just stayed away from jeans and trousers. I couldn’t bother with the waist and length alterations…or the fact that every pair I tried on shortened my frame instead on elongating it. However, this J.Crew Endless shirt helps me to disguise the wardrobe malfunctions I’m so used to having->loose at the waist, baggy crotch area, etc. It took some convincing by my confidant to purchase this top. I origninally opted for a $25 Target option. I loved it but the Confidant reminded me “Quality over quantity”… I finally gave in and bought this freaking expensive top….but its really worth it because I already see myself wearing it in the future…. and by future I mean like tomorrow.

-Be blessed.

The Only 4 Coats/Jackets You’ll Ever Need


Coats/Jackets: So it’s cold. Yeah we get that. But I’d be doing you an injustice to have you combat this weather without looking your best. And by best, I do mean your coat/jacket collections. I simply cannot control what you wear under these.  I believe men and women should have a minimum of 4 coats/jackets-considering you can afford to have more than one. And no. Don’t go purchase them all at once. Outerwear can be a bit pricey. These are the investment essentials that you simply cannot avoid. So here it goes:wool

Wool Coats:Whether you work a corporate 9-5 or play lead guitarist in a rock band full-time, a long wool coat will be needed in your wardrobe.  How corny and tacky do people look wearing a business suit with a bomber jacket? Certain things should be avoided- like men carrying The North Face backpack over a business suit heading to an interview. If you want to dress the part, don’t partially dress… The cool thing about wool coats is they can be used as the “Saturday Throw-On!” Think: white tee, distressed jeans, sneakers and wool coat. Sort of like the below:


(Image taken from Google)

The Bubble: Now I’m sorry but some bloggers are full of horse crap. Mid January in NYC. 10 degrees Fareinheit. Who the hell has time to be cute in a wool coat? Please pass the Eskimo Bubble. The Antartica, weather proof one lined with some kind of cozy material; goosed-down, and particularly, in a military color to keep me looking fashion forward. The ones below work just well:


The Trench: Okay so its October/November. Its cold. You’re missing the summer, but you can still get away with minimal layering. You want a multi-purpose rain- resistant jacket that’ll hold you down until mid- December? Try the Trench! You can NEVER go wrong with a trench coat. If you’re fancy, ALWAYS opt for Burberry. If you’re broke (like myself), No worries! Plenty of options out there!


The Biker: Go with the Biker at your own risk. It’s okay if you’re not cool enough. The Biker isn’t for the faint-hearted…or the people who thinks (yeah I said thinks) they can get away with buying a cheap looking, faux leather option from Strawberry. I’m sure if you had it your way, you would opt for the Saint Laurent one below on the left. But we’re not all privvy to the finer things in life. Humble yourself. Try H&M or Zara for a reasonably priced leather biker. Don’t play yourself and get one from Easy Pickins. You look cheap, and we all notice.


I’m here guys and gals. I’m totally here for ya’ll! Email me or comment below. I always find the Sales. ALWAYS. I’m not stingy. I’m a fashion blogger. I’m here to share the wealth.

-Be blessed! [Stay Fresh]

(All images are my own unless otherwise stated. Please give ME credit when using.)