Mint Green and Red

IMG_3260¬†Hiya! Here’s what I wore to church on Sunday! I love the way mint green and red look together! It makes me feel Christmas-y… Full skirts have become everyone’s obsession and I’m actually happy about that. (The cool thing about this one is that it comes with a shawl ūüôā ) The fact that it’s popular to dress like a woman and not a skeezer makes me smile! I actually got so many compliments from men this day, which also made me smile. Not because I liked the attention, but because it proves that you don’t have to expose your body for people to notice you.

¬†I’ve had this magazine clutch for some time now. It was love at first sight! Originally I purchased the black and white one, but the next day, Dor L’ Dor had the multi-color one so I exchanged it immediately!! What do you think?IMG_3308 IMG_3266 IMG_3271 IMG_3278 IMG_3297 IMG_3309Photography by The Product Junkie

Sunnies: Kate Spade (Love these)// Blouse: J. Crew (old) // Skirt: Harvey Faircloth (Sold out; Similar here) // Shoes: Valentino // Clutch: via Dor L’ Dor // Bracelet: via Nordstrom Rack // Watch: Michele

-Be blessed

All White and Lace


So this past weekend, I started to do a little style searching… I realized I’ve been all over the place with my outfits, going wherever the wind takes me. Some of my outfits have been raunchier than I prefer, while some looks were just experiments. I decided, from henceforth, to wear what works from me. I’ve always been quite conservative in clothing, only showing skin in the summer days. And I think that’s exactly what I’ll get back to doing…

I’ve been loving monochrome and one -color¬†outfits recently; so I decided to go with this look. Lace and ruffled skirts are ways to add feminine feels to your style. While the see-through lace shirt can be quite revealing, adding a midi skirt with ruffles can polish the look. I paired the outfit with my gold Giuseppe Zanotti Design heels and my white and gold bag from Forever 21.
IMG_3319 IMG_3336 IMG_3342 IMG_3344 IMG_3347 IMG_3345 IMG_3352There was actually a couple watching me from their car during this whole entire shoot. It started to get uncomfortable so I was complaining to my photographer, lol.

Photography by Product Junky

Blouse: Forever 21 // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Design (Sold out; Similar Here) // Pearls: J. Crew (on SALE now) // Bag: Forever 21(Similar) // Sunnies: Aldo (Similar)

I will NOT be wearing this to watch Ghana vs. USA today at 5:30pm! I hope you all tune in ūüôā

-Be blessed!

All White Suit


It was entirely way too hot and bright to be taking pictures by the boardwalk but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to bless you with scenery other than my backyard, lol. Sorry for the picture quality,


I’m not quite sure I’m prepared for the heat that will soon expose itself. Unfortunately I sweat profusely and my thighs are so darn big, they fight with each other with every step I take. You didn’t come here for that so let’s get into the details on this look.

I’ve been wanting an off-¬†white suit for ages. I couldn’t get myself to actually purchase one, as they were all expensive, so I bought each item as seperates¬†on sale.¬†White suits¬†are refreshing, powerful, bold, intimidating, yet inviting. It’s¬†also an eye -catcher.¬†While in the past I shyed¬†away from white,¬†the launch of my blog¬†has taken me out of my risk adverse¬†element. I’m willing, and¬†most certainly able, to try every and¬†anything that won’t compromise¬†my style. And while my style is, for the most part, undefined, I always revert to class. When going for all white looks, it’s important to¬†accessorize! And this can mean adding a bold¬†shell, chunky jewelry, or¬†bright heels!¬†I did a bit of it all by¬†pairing it with a mesh shell, leopard¬†t-strap heels, and chunky jewelry.¬†¬†¬†I’m so in love with this Zara peal choker. I believe it is a Chanel dupe; lets thank God this one was only $19.99.

IMG_3094IMG_3097IMG_3098IMG_3104I found this blouse on sale at JC Penny and knew imediately it would work well with my leather clutch from Banana Republic. The clutch is real Italian leather and it feels absolutely divine! IMG_3127IMG_3128

Necklace: Zara (Sold out; Try here) // Blazer: Zara (Old; Love this) // Blouse: Worthington via JC Penny // Pants: Worthington via JC Penny // Shoes: Forever 21  (Try these)// Clutch: Banana Republic (sold out) // Sunnies: Kate Spade (Try this)

-Be blessed!

Living Testimony

IMG_3171¬†I don’t do too much dancing. But when I do, I make sure it’s in shimmy shimmy dresses and rock studs.
IMG_3138 On a more serious note, I attended my friend’s wedding this past weekend and here’s what I danced in:

[Cue in “Happy” by Pharrell… ]IMG_3145 IMG_3151 IMG_3152 IMG_3217I met Natalie at my old firm in Philadelphia. I don’t want to write a book, but let’s just say God placed her in my life just when I needed a spiritual friend the most. She encouraged me, inspired me, laughed with me, cried with me, but MOST importantly she spoke the Word over my life. I truly do not know a single soul who deserves this beautiful wedding more than Nat. I walked into the church crying not because it was a wedding, which tends to be an emotional event. I walked into ¬†the sanctuary crying because at that very moment, I saw God’s faithfulness manifested. She will forever be a living testimony that full obedience and faithfulness will, without a doubt, result in the Cinderella ending. Well, in her case, Beauty and the Beast ending. (No E, I don’t think you’re a beast but considering Nat’s obsession with Bell & books; and your¬†Beauty and the Beast themed¬†wedding…yeah you get the point lol) Anyway I love you Nat, and I love your husband because he made you the happiest woman in the world!¬†

Dress: Free People // Shoes: Valentino // Watch: Skagen (on SALE!)

Weekend Chill

IMG_3082Oh my! Its beautiful outside!! It was time to bring back the fro! Even though it makes me look like a completely different person, I personally enjoy the freedom it gives to do everything without limitations. That’s exactly why I ran 4 miles almost effortlessly!!! Well…maybe not effortlessly but you get the point!¬†IMG_3053This evening, I was going for a more relaxed look. It was scorching outside so I decided to bring out the H&M scuba skirt. Because of it’s elastic top, I chose a loose -fitting cropped top from Urban Outfitters. This top is actually from UO’s Urban Renewal Program. The program takes donated clothes and redesigns it to curate a more trendy and modern look. This shirt was originally from Lord & Taylor; (Size 8p) UO designers cropped and stitched it in. I absolutely love this color against my Leopard slip ons from Dor L’ Dor. There are so many comparisons for these. My fashion momma Fashionista Over 40 inspired this purchase¬†with her¬†Sam Edelman ones that I’ve been coveting. That’s why I was so glad to have found dupes for $15!
IMG_3057 IMG_3067IMG_3059 IMG_3062 IMG_3063
IMG_3070 IMG_3074 IMG_3077My doctor bag is Gucci. 

Jacket: H&M // Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Dor L’ Dor Boutique // Bag: Gucci // Jewelry: Gifted // Sunnies: Rayban


Summer Evening Chill