Nautical Lines








Photography by Arkeem Johnson

H&M Straw Hat // J.Crew Top (Try this or this) // Skirt c/o She Wears It  (Similar) // Aldo Rise Heels  (Many Years Old; Try these) // Michele Watch

New York has been enjoying a very cool summer. I am not sure we have reached 90 degrees yet. At any rate, I am not complaining. The cool weather allows us to get away with wearing long sleeve tops, blazers, and trousers. Although I believe beauty can sometimes be painful, nothing beats comfortable beauty. That’s why I’m a fan of full tea skirts. Not only do they provide versatility, (can be dressed up or dressed down-as seen in this post) but they add girly twist.

 For quite some time now, the fashion world has adopted the sailor uniform as one of their own; incorporating nautical styles with pretty much any print out there. And after yesterday’s post, I realized how much use I can get with these heels. Purchased years ago, I pretty much forgot about them until last weekend when I purged my closet of almost 1/3 of my belongings (Poshmark closet will be up soon). Since then, I’ve worn the shoes about 3 times. You’ll see much more of these in the future!

-Be blessed!
















Photography by Arkeem Johnson

River Island Top (Similar) // Pants: Available Soon // Aldo Rise Heels (Old; Try these) // Forever 21 Clutch // Aldo Sunnies // MK Watch // Bangles from Ghana // MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

It’s been way too long since I posted!- At least longer than I am comfortable with. At any rate, I’m back Aunty! (and Uncle)… And I’m feeling quite patriotic about both of my countries with this look. If you don’t already know, I am a Ghanaian American (Also recently adopted into the Nigerian culture :)) This african print is another fave of mine; so I decided to make high waisted skinny pants with the fabric! It will be available for purchase soon! I wore a neon cropped top and stripped heeled sandals to add more pop to the look. Threw on my trust mirrored sunnies, and was ready to take on the summer rain!

-Be blessed!

Summer Whites

10582223_551854124926649_208924624_n 10567925_551854128259982_538295269_n 10569988_551854121593316_1807947912_n 10585571_551854134926648_1388039589_n

River Island Top // Tahari Pants // Zara Heels (old) // Aldo Sunnies // MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick // MAC Currant Lip Liner

Happy Friday! I really need this weekend to recharge!

Can you believe we’re in August?!? There’s nothing like an All-white or monochromatic ensemble. I’m really clumsy so I try not to have too much fun with white but sometimes I can’t resist! Love this top I got on sale while in London! I paired it with the same Tahari pants I wore to the Fashion & Finance Event and ended it with neutral t-straps.

-Be blessed!

Fashion and Finance Event


“We came, [They] Learned, We Shopped, We Blossomed.” – Tonya Rapley, founder of My Fab Finance

Last week Saturday, I attended the Fashion & Finance NYC Event and let me just say… YES!

It was such a warm and comfortable day. The skies were so clear and I felt like being a flower. Considering I was attending a fashion and finance event, I wanted to show that style isn’t expensive. My entire outfit (including the cost of the twists in my hair- more on that later) was $100. You heard me correctly, Aunty/Uncle! $100!!! (Jewelry not included)

 Here’s what I wore:




Photography by Arkeem Johnson

TJ Maxx Blouse // Tahari Trousers // Betsey Johnson Heels // H&M Sunnies

If there is one thing I appreciate about blogging more than showcasing my style, it is being inspired and empowered by women from so many different walks of life. I stumbled across Tonya’s Instagram Page randomly one day and actually fell in love with her cause. How many (African American women at that!) bloggers do you know that are really passionate about finance? And it appears she does it so effortlessly and fashionably. One thing I learned from Tonya, that I’ll forever appreciate her for, is unfollowing people on IG who coerce me to shop more than I need to. I used to find myself buying something simply because I saw another blogger wear it. Not only is it dangerous, but it is an express ticket down fashion victim lane. Just because someone looks amazing in something doesn’t mean it will look amazing on you.

In any event, co presenter with Tonya was the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club. The panelist of the event, Kara Stevens of The Frugal Feminista, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, and Michaela Boyd were equally amazing! Be sure to check out their blogs! 🙂

Below are some iphone shots I caught at the event!


The event got so real in the end, I had to run back to the car, swap for flats (i’m no superhero), and take my hair out of its bun! Wanna know what’s in my bag?! Stay tuned for my haul video this weekend!!! Aunty packed all kinds of goodies in this bag! Hehehe



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-Be blessed!

My Favorite Fragrances

Rosabotanica-2So just a quick break from my usual outfit posts- I wanted to share with you some of my fragrance faves. I’ve been meaning to pick up the Balenciaga Florabotanica for months. While traveling, I decided to do a little duty free shopping in London Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately, the Florabotanica was sold out so I opted for Rosabotanica and let me just sayyyyyyyyy- AMAZEBALLS……. I finally opened the package this morning and used a bit before work. I cannot stop smelling myself!! The perfume’s aroma gives off of a strong garden smell, and while I do not particularly like the smell of flowers, this fragrance is so delightful! The packaging is pretty dope too!


Talked about Prada Candy before on the blog. Still one of my all time favorites. I usually reserve this perfume for Monday-Friday. If you like sweet, yet rich fragrances, this one is for you! It’s a very unique smell; men and women alike will ask you what you’re wearing.


This one shouldn’t be new to you. I usually wear my Flowerbomb on weekends. The fragrance is truly one of a kind and very popular. Someone will definitely know you’re wearing flowerbomb, as it gives off the same fragrance regardless of body chemistry. I have the Eau de Parfum which is a more solid, richer, and long- lasting smell, but Eau de Toilette  (a bit cheaper) will linger on your clothes even after the day wears out.

Dior Addict  is my favorite fragrance of all time- The original, not the revised smell, that is. Please don’t confuse the two. One is pink and one is navy blue! The nvy blue (original) smells better. This is actually my Fall/Winter fragrance. It’s very strong and rich. My bottle is coming to an end so I have to restock before Fall approaches.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is truly divine! It’s sort of a spicy and room-permeating smell. Definitely going to turn heads and expand nostrils.  I didn’t buy it yet but it’s on my watch list. I LOVE perfumes. I’ve owned so many but this fragrance, is hands down, the best I’ve come across. Like seriously. THE BEST. Nothing compares. Not even my beloved Dior Addict. Try it at your local Sephora, Bloomingdales or Barneys!

Which is your favorite Summer Fragrances?

-Be blessed!