Gingham Mix






Photography by Arkeem Johnson

H&M Hat (Love this one) // Ralph Lauren Top (Love this color on SALE!) // TopShop Skirt (on SALE) // Tod’s Loafers (try this color) // Aldo Mirrored Sunies (love these)

 Some days I simply cannot be bothered with the heels. When the weather isn’t so delightful, I try to go for comfort. And if you haven’t noticed yet, flats and sneakers are attempting to replace heels in fashion, anyway. Here’s another item I’ve been stalking: TopShop’s Blurry Check Pencil Skirt. I had no idea it was on sale until I found the skirt’s link on another website. Nearly fell out my chair! I could’ve played it safe with a white cami and nude heels but that’s way too predictable. I opted for a Gingham top to coordinate the different size boxes in this outfit. What I love about this Ralph Lauren Gingham Peplum Shirt is that it has pink 3/4 cuffs! Since this outfit combined different prints, I threw on this really old Straw hat to complete the look.

What’s your 4th of July outfit looking like? I think I’ll shy away from Red, White, & Blue this year.

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-Be blessed!

The Blues











Photography by Arkeem Johnson

TopShop Dress // Zara Heels // Ray ban Wayfarer // Aldo Clutch // Banana Republic Accessories // Nordstrom Rack multi color bracelet

First time I saw the shoes, I could only murmur “Hi.” Saw the price tag and I said a little bit louder “BYE.” Now you’re probably thinking of my shoe collection and wondering to yourself, “Aunty, you have shoes that cost so much more than $90.” And this is true, but hear my logic for a second. The way I determine if something is priced appropriately is based on “QQP.” Quality, Quantity, Popularity. Monolo Blahnik can afford to price a shoe at $1000 because it sells amazing quality, little quantity, and fitting popularity. And while Zara shoes are, for the most part comfortable and sturdy (except for my baby pink t-strap heels. The devil himself made those), I’m more than likely to see 7 people with the same shoe on. And so for that reason, I was not happy about the 90$ tag. Then the semi-annual sale was announced. I sat in front of my laptop, shoes in shopping cart, finger nails in mouth(eeww), and debit card in the other hand; and as soon as the clock striked 11:55pm on June 19th, I purchased my shoes at $40, among other things, and fell soundly asleep.

In case you were concerned with the rest of my out, this TopShop dress was on sale for 10 pounds in London. Not only was I drawn to the color but also to the detailing. This Aldo clutch is the closest I’ll get to owning a Chanel double flap. Rayban sunnies stolen from my hunny.

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Get Fit with AfroBeats!


Meet Ada, a Nigerian fitness instructor who makes workout videos to Afrobeats! When Ada contacted me about her Youtube page, I just knew I wanted to collaborate with her. I had such a great time at the video shoot! It’s always nice to workout and work at the same time! For awhile, I’ve been thinking about featuring fitness posts on the blog, so this came at just the perfect time! And let me just say her videos will fool you into believing you’re ready! Trust me when I say I wasn’t readddddyyyyy…

A few people have been asking me to share my workout routines and secrets about my little abs. I am always honest by saying “Cardio is the answer!” I am probably in pretty bad shape since I stopped running track back in college, yet for the first time since then I can visibly see my abs. The truth is, no mattter how many crunches you do a day, if you’re not eating healthy and implementing cardio in your workout routines, you won’t see the definition in your core. Since this video shoot, I have decided to implement this workout in my weekly workouts (I’ll discuss that in a future post). Check out the photo ops below before checking out Ada’s youtube page!









Thank you so much to Ada for allowing me to get my workout on! Can’t wait to do it again in DC! Make sure you follow her Instagram!

-Be Blessed!

Zara Sale Picks


Do you know how much I’ve missed you Aunties and Uncles?! Please forgive my absence, but I won’t make excuses! If you’re folllowing me on Instagram and Twitter than you probably had enough of me!

This past weekend, I went to the Blogging While Brown Conference and let me just say, SHEESH. I’ll talk all about it in my upcoming #BWBNYC photo diary post. (This is going to be the best week on my blog so stay tuned for the next several posts!) Now that we’ve covered housekeeping items….




IMG_5674Photography by Arkeem Johnson
Zara Blouse (Further Reductions)// Zara Skirt (on SALE) // Aldo Pumps (ON SALE) and Sunglasses // Coach Bag (Similar) // Michele Watch // Vintage Ring

Zara is really annoying with their continued reductions during semi-annual sale. I mean, how much easier would our shopping lives be if Zara priced items at it’s lowest from day one of sale?! I’ve been stalking this lace top for quite some time, and I’m glad I didn’t buy it before sale time. It is now 10$ cheaper than I bought it for so enjoy! I decided to wear a nude bandeau under it and a pastel blue leather pencil skirt. A bit apprehensive about this skirt because, I mean let’s face it, who wants to wear leather in 80 degree weather? (apparently I do) I wore my fave light Blue Aldo pumps and White coach bag to complete this pastel look.

-Be blessed!

Bon Jour

IMG_3460 IMG_3390 IMG_3442 IMG_3398 IMG_3405 IMG_3392
H&M Straw Hat // Forever 21 Tank (Similar Here) // Choies Skirt // Zara Heels (Old; Similar Here) // Rayban Classic Wayfarer // H&M Necklace (Old)

Here’s what I wore when I went shopping with my mother. I actually started to wear cut out jeans and a long sleeve shirt but after coming to my senses, I quickly changed into this look. It’s entirely way too hot to wear clothing, so I like to keep it cool by wearing clothes that barely touch my skin.

Straw hats serve multi-purposes. It’s a nice, fashionable way to keep cool in the summer but it can also add spice to your outfit. When going for a short brimmed straw hat, I always go for a light sand color, with a black band. I guess you can call this the original straw hat color. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, full skirts are pretty big these days. They can look a bit dressy, so I added a graphic tank top to make the look more casual. It wouldn’t be Aunty Christina without heels so I decided to wear a Zara favorite, these leopard and studded peep-toe heels. Speaking of Zara, did you shop their semi- annual sale last night? I’m curious to know what you got!!! Comment below 🙂

– Be Blessed.