#JustMissedtheRunway- Tia Nicole


This weekend’s #JustMissedtheRunway feature is the beautiful Tia Nicole of FourOne-Oh Blog. I can appreciate Tia’s style for so many reasons. The main reason why she’s so awesome is because she reminds us that less is more. She has perfected the minimalistic style and knows just what to wear for her body type.





I got the chance to ask Tia a few questions:

Aunty: How would you describe your style?

Tia: I really don’t have an answer for this.  I just wear what I like.  Some people classify themselves as minimal, bohemian… I just go with the flow.  I do love all-black outfits, but every time I say that I am never wearing black. :/  Since Fall is here, my favorite way to dress is in layers.  I absolutely love layering.  I can’t wait to share some of my favorite layering pieces this season on my blog.

Aunty: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Tia: Three stores… Urban Outfitters, Free People & Zara.  I just stumbled across Miss Guided and I love their price point for dresses!  You will probably be seeing more of their product on my blog soon.


Aunty: One fashion tip to the readers? 

Tia: Don’t dress for everyone else, dress for yourself!  How great a garment looks on your body is all about confidence and wearing clothing that YOU feel comfortable in.  Just be HAPPY in your fashion!
If you, like myself, can’t get enough of Tia, follow her blog, Instagram, or Twitter!
-Be blessed!

Self- Sufficient

IMG_3036It’s almost Friday!! Man, Fridays are just perfect. During the week and on Sundays, I dress up so I try to take advantage of dress down Fridays. While this outfit isn’t appropriate for work, swap the pants for dark denim jeans and you’ll be good to go!
IMG_3032This will be the LAST post with these twists in my hair. It’s been 5 trying weeks and I’m ready to get my Aunty Lupita on! Believe it or not, hair truly does make or break an outfit; and this hair has been breaking mine-at least in my opinion. (Don’t debate me, bro!) The bag is from Dor L’ Dor Boutique which is becoming a new favorite! They offer so many chic and trendy pieces at affordable prices. IMG_3037You may be thinking it’s too hot for leather pants, but I’ll respectfully disagree. It’s never too hot for leather! And this shade of blue is so preettyyyy! I topped it with my Missoni collared shirt and sling-back Christian Louboutin shoes.

Sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarer // Top: Missoni // Pants: Dor L’ Dor // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Bag: Dor L’ Dor

Get Inspired by My Look



Lip: MAC Red // Top: Missoni (on SALE) // Pants: KARL LAGERFIELD (on SALE)// Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Sold out- Similar Here) Watch: Michele

 And in case you were wondering why this post is titled “Self- Sufficient;” Well, I took these pics by myself! Yes I did! In the midst of people staring and asking questions, too.

When you really want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. Quick words of wisdom: Never Stop, Never Settle.

-Be Blessed.

Natural Hair Routine…For Now

hair products

If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to do your hair (or lack thereof) as much as you want to, then you might enjoy this post. I decided to do a protein treatment and deep condition, as my hair has been really dry lately. Here’s how I treated and styled my TWA (teeny weeny afro) on my day off:
1. I shampooed with Aveda’s Dry Remedy Line. I usually shampoo my hair in the shower once a month. Shampoo dries out your hair so I only use it when I need to. I usually co-wash (clean my hair with conditioner) with Giovanni Wellness System Conditioner every other day while in the shower. What I noticed is that, since my big chop, I have been delicately shampooing my hair, using my fingertips. As opposed to my relaxer days, when I literally scrubbed my scalp with my fingernails until it bled. SMH.
2. I used APHogee’s 2nd Step protein treatment all over my hair, ensuring both my scalp and hair was saturated. I used a wide tooth comb and gently combed it through my hair. Warning: this products has a stinky odor!
3. Uncovered, I sat under a hot dryer for about 7 minutes, or until my hair was extremely hard. (This is normal with the protein treatment. Don’t be alarmed and don’t touch your hair)… I took this time to reply to work emails.
4. I thoroughly rinsed out the treatment.
5. I used my Pantene Natural Deep Conditioner and combed it through my hair. Then covered my hair with a plastic cap.

pantene pouring


condition under dryer

6. I went under the dryer AGAIN for 15min. This time, I did some research on my personal laptop.
7. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and applied the following products in order:
•Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner
•Olive Oil Moisturizer
•Olive Oil
•Jamaican Black Castor Oil
8. Tada! Finished!
If you want more of my daily routines, please comment below!
Be blessed and highly favored.
-Auntie Christie