Shine Bright



Good Morning! It’s going to rain in NYC today so if you’re in the surrounding area, bring your umbrella! I like to be well equipped for the rain (trench coat, extra umbrellas at the office, no suede shoes, etc.) so today I wore my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target trench coat (sold out) with a light grey H&M button down (Actually prefer this one! ) and yellow ankle pants from Loft (thinking of buying these ones!!! I’m in lovve with the black ones too! ). Since my pants can be spotted from a mile away, I decided to mellow the look by wearing a grey blouse with white collars. Any button down with white detailing/collars is an eye catcher for me! My snakeskin belt and shoes are from C. Wonder. I looveeeee C. Wonder! It’s designed by Chris Burch (Tory Burch’s former husband) and so much more affordable than Tory Burch. And let me just tell you, when there’s a sale at C.Wonder, there is a SALE! Take additional 50% off¬†sale jewelry and additonal 30% off sale apparel TODAY! Thank me by following and liking my post! ūüôā

Few Announcements:

1. I will be posting my haul and GIVEAWAY video TONIGHT! Be sure to READ the blog post, as you will find instructions on how to win the 3 items offered.

2. A few have asked about the Health & Fitness page. I will surely keep you updated by this weekend. I’m still in the process of note-taking, compiling my thoughts, and organizing my ideas. It won’t necessarily be an advisory page but more so an inspirational one. Because let’s just face it, I missed the fashion runway AND the workout runway. So I’m thinking it’ll be an inclusive fitness & healthy living diary. Thoughts?

-Be blessed.

What I Wore to Work: Polka Dots


Good Morning. Today I wanted to be a little bold and “tip on the tightrope” by wearing polka dots to work. I’m wearing this Joe Fresh¬†Denim jacket over a Loft Peplum Blouse and Loft pleaded skirt. Don’t ever be afraid to mix and match different size polka dots or prints.¬†My shoes are Lanvin.

Stay tuned for my $100 Budget Shopping Haul video which will be uploaded this week.

-Be blessed.

What I Wore to Work: Bright Colors


Howdie. Orange and blue always look amazing together. In my opinion, at least. I wore this really old Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater/jumper with an old Talbots pinstriped, short-sleeve button down blouse. My pants are from the Loft and my shoes are from Ross Department Store. These are my official work heels as they never leave the office. As much as I would love to wear my other heels to work, I can’t bother to carry them in another bag and the commute is way to strenuous and dangerous. Yes I said dangerous- commuting daily¬†in NYC during rush hour means risking your life and/or sanity.

Thinking of restyling this look for outside of work purposes. What do you think?

-Be blessed.