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5 Element Photography

Thrifted Cape // Target Denim Shirt // H&M Distressed Jeans (on SALE now) // Zara Heels (Old) // Floppy Hat via Marshall’s (love this)// Michele Watch

Reminiscing on the days George (my mother) used to make me wear tweed skirt suits to Picture Day in grade school. I literally could not stand her for ruining my childhood. Just think: A 9 year old in a Jackie O. skirt suit amid other 9 year olds wearing the latest FUBU, Mecca, and Pepe. I dreaded the 2 hour public transportation ride to the boutique in Queens where George would get all my $90+ suits. Why should we bypass every V.I.M. and Jimmy Jazz that carried all the hood apparel for less than $90, and continue on our journey to some stupid borough that didn’t even have more than 2 train stations going through it. Life wasn’t fair for me growing up; and George was more concerned about the 3 points missing from my 97 Spelling test grade. Such is life…

In retrospect, I can clearly see where this passion for wool and tweed initiated. You see, I hadn’t realized at the time, but George was introducing me to class & style from an early age. Even if it came at the expense of really important money lessons…What rapidly growing child needs a $90 suit?

(This all may seem very confusing to you if you’re not from NYC. It’s not your fault you’re not from the best city in the world 🙂 )

-God Bless!

Concrete Jungle






Photography by Arkeem Johnson

H&M Straw Fedora (Love this) // Ray ban Wayfarer // FCUK romper (Love THIS) // Sergio Rossi Strappy Heels (shorter version here)// Clutuch via Marshalls

Happy 4th!

You know that feeling you get when you find something really old in storage  that you never really cared for, but now all of a sudden have a new found love for? Yeah, that happened with this jumper. I bought this French Connection piece last summer simply because it was on sale for like $10 at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Ross (I really can’t remember which one). I’m accepting the fact that I can be a label whore fiend; and I think that’s another reason why I bought it. (My logic: How often do you see FCUK for $10?) Off the shoulder tops are big this season so I figured I’d show a little collar bone 🙂 The good Lord is the only One who knows what I was thinking when I bought this clutch from Marshalls 10 years ago. Yes, 10 years ago! Clearly I was ahead of my time, lol.These Sergio Rossi heels were one of those purchases where you don’t look at the price until the sales associate tells you what it is. I saw it on clearance in Nordstrom Rack; one left in my size. And I ran. I ran so fast to checkout.

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-Be blessed!

iPhone Files: Weekend Recap













1: The babies I saw in Marshalls that Isabella didn’t let me buy because I have a shopping addiction. *Cries* // 2: At my lovely friend’s bridal shower! How cute is her Apron? // 3: Bridal Shower Games: The dress I helped make from toilet paper. Of course this design won! // 4: My friend’s dope work lab. So much inspiration. Stay tuned for his designer label! // 5: In Philly at the crappy Wyndham Hotel brightening up the place. // 6: …Again. But who do we think we are? // 7: Swag Check. // 8: The rain was really in the way. I couldn’t even shoot. // 9: Driving back to NYC // 10: I scored these for $15 at Urban Outfitters // 11: Realest. // 12: Is she dead? LOL

Howdie!! It’s been way too long. From starting school to being incapacitated by the rain, then a little sickness… Excuses. I’m sorry. I have  videos coming up though! 🙂 And I also plan to shoot sometime this weekend so this should be the last week of my hiatus. Follow me on Instagram for more pics @AuntyChristina. Love to All!

-Be blessed & enjoy your week!