Shine Bright



Good Morning! It’s going to rain in NYC today so if you’re in the surrounding area, bring your umbrella! I like to be well equipped for the rain (trench coat, extra umbrellas at the office, no suede shoes, etc.) so today I wore my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target trench coat (sold out) with a light grey H&M button down (Actually prefer this one! ) and yellow ankle pants from Loft (thinking of buying these ones!!! I’m in lovve with the black ones too! ). Since my pants can be spotted from a mile away, I decided to mellow the look by wearing a grey blouse with white collars. Any button down with white detailing/collars is an eye catcher for me! My snakeskin belt and shoes are from C. Wonder. I looveeeee C. Wonder! It’s designed by Chris Burch (Tory Burch’s former husband) and so much more affordable than Tory Burch. And let me just tell you, when there’s a sale at C.Wonder, there is a SALE! Take additional 50% off sale jewelry and additonal 30% off sale apparel TODAY! Thank me by following and liking my post! 🙂

Few Announcements:

1. I will be posting my haul and GIVEAWAY video TONIGHT! Be sure to READ the blog post, as you will find instructions on how to win the 3 items offered.

2. A few have asked about the Health & Fitness page. I will surely keep you updated by this weekend. I’m still in the process of note-taking, compiling my thoughts, and organizing my ideas. It won’t necessarily be an advisory page but more so an inspirational one. Because let’s just face it, I missed the fashion runway AND the workout runway. So I’m thinking it’ll be an inclusive fitness & healthy living diary. Thoughts?

-Be blessed.

Risky Business


Good Morning! NYC is going to be a whooping 60 degrees today! I decided to go a little risky (risque lol) and wear a light, chiffon-material dress that I scored for $10 at Ross Department Store last year. I picked up these lovely t-strap heels on sale from Zara and you should be familiar with my J.Crew pearls  by now! Get 25% off now with the code HAPPYSHOPPING! Love to all!

-Be blessed.

Striped Cropped Top




Good Morning! I wore this striped cropped top from H&M (very sad I can’t find it online for you! But It’s def in stores), paired with my Forever 21 polka dot pencil skirt  and Joe Fresh flats. Just to keep it on the professional side, I threw on my handy dandy TopShop blazer. Enjoy your week!

-Be Blessed!

Fashion Haul: Items Under $20


Good Morning All! Check out my Haul Video! It’s long overdue but I was having so many difficulties 1- getting an adapter 2- editing the video and 3- media sharing it! All of the pieces were less than $20 and can still be found online or at your local stores!

Here are links to some of the things featured on the video:

Metallic Pointed Oxfords- Forever 21

Some items I forgot to feature!:

Posh Ankle Strap Flats- Forever 21 // Garden of Love Kimono- Forever 21 // Floppy Hat- H&M

– Be Blessed!


What I Wore to Work on Ghana Independence Day!



Happy 57th Independence to allll my Ghanaians!!!!! I can daydream all day about the being on Labodi Beach having pineapples but that wouldn’t change the reality of the situation: the only water I’m around is the Hudson River. Hey at least it overlooks the midtown & downtown skylines of NYC. Today I wore this beautiful H&M jacket with a leather peplum and a black skirt. These Me Too boots have been featured on the blog in the past but they are actually a new pair that I just ordered from Amazon. Yes. That’s how much I love them!M necklace is from Primark. Sorry Americans. We haven’t been blessed with Primark….yet.

Today at work, I was told “You always look so beautiful. Do you go on dates after work?” She doesn’t even realize the impact of her statement. I haven’t really been myself this week but her statment reassured me that I should really let go of negativiity and appreciate how beautiful I am! Please compliment someone and uplift their spirits today! You never know the impact it might have.

-Be blessed.