Aunty Styles Aaron


Meet Aaron- This past weekend, I helped this fella transform his style to something more appropriate for his choice of work. Aaron is a business owner and realized he should probably put a little more effort in the way he dresses. His style wasn’t the worse I’ve seen but it needed much help. With limited time on our hands, and traveling cross-state, we visited a few shops and picked up 3 pair of shoes and two outfits that fell way under his budget. In the picture above, Aaron is wearing an unidentified shirt, darker than acceptable blue denim and worn-out boat shoes. After the Auntie Christie touch, we have the below looks:IMG_2894

During my time with Aaron, I got a chance to understand the kind of look he was going for and curated some outfit ideas through Polyvore. As a taller gentlemen, I thought it was a good idea to put together a very relaxed look for a Summer BBQ. Aaron is wearing a straw hat from T.J. Maxx with blue and grey detailing on the brim. We opted for a navy blue short sleeved polon that has a Thom Browne inspired red, white, and blue stripe on the inner panel. While the H&M white pants were a little out of Aaron’s comfort zone, he trusted my advice to give it a try. The Argyle socks are Aaron’s; his shoes were one of my picks from DSW.

What do you think of Aaron’s new, cool and casual look? I think arm candy will complete Aaron’s look….Aunties?!? lol

Hat: T.J. Maxx (Similar here) // Top: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: DSW

Have an event to attend but don’t know what to wear? Want a new wardrobe? Want an image consultation? Email me at and let Aunty Style You!!

-Be blessed.

Polka Dots







Shirt: Loft (Similar) // Pearl Necklace: J. Crew // Sunglasses: Aldo (love these) // Pants: Banana Republic (other colors here) // Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Sold Out; love these) // Clutch: Primark (Very old from London)

Everyone needs mirrored sunglasses. I love how cool they make you look.

Finding things in your closet that you never wear?! Yeah that happened today with these shoes. It seems like I’ve been wearing 3 inch heels lately. Idk what’s up with that but I dusted off these platform peep toes for a lunch date. Cobalt blue is one of those power colors. No matter your complexion or size, it’ll bring attention to you. And for a little extra sass, I wore a bright pink Primark clutch that’s about 8 years old.

-Be blessed.

Natural Hair Routine…For Now

hair products

If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to do your hair (or lack thereof) as much as you want to, then you might enjoy this post. I decided to do a protein treatment and deep condition, as my hair has been really dry lately. Here’s how I treated and styled my TWA (teeny weeny afro) on my day off:
1. I shampooed with Aveda’s Dry Remedy Line. I usually shampoo my hair in the shower once a month. Shampoo dries out your hair so I only use it when I need to. I usually co-wash (clean my hair with conditioner) with Giovanni Wellness System Conditioner every other day while in the shower. What I noticed is that, since my big chop, I have been delicately shampooing my hair, using my fingertips. As opposed to my relaxer days, when I literally scrubbed my scalp with my fingernails until it bled. SMH.
2. I used APHogee’s 2nd Step protein treatment all over my hair, ensuring both my scalp and hair was saturated. I used a wide tooth comb and gently combed it through my hair. Warning: this products has a stinky odor!
3. Uncovered, I sat under a hot dryer for about 7 minutes, or until my hair was extremely hard. (This is normal with the protein treatment. Don’t be alarmed and don’t touch your hair)… I took this time to reply to work emails.
4. I thoroughly rinsed out the treatment.
5. I used my Pantene Natural Deep Conditioner and combed it through my hair. Then covered my hair with a plastic cap.

pantene pouring


condition under dryer

6. I went under the dryer AGAIN for 15min. This time, I did some research on my personal laptop.
7. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and applied the following products in order:
•Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner
•Olive Oil Moisturizer
•Olive Oil
•Jamaican Black Castor Oil
8. Tada! Finished!
If you want more of my daily routines, please comment below!
Be blessed and highly favored.
-Auntie Christie